Monday, February 15, 2010

EYES OF GOD: East of Eden EP

Here is a pretty much unknown San Francisco darkwave EP from a band called Eyes of God. I can't really find any info on these guys, since the silkscreend sleeve has absolutely no info, and the label doesn't really help either. I think this was released with a different cover which MIGHT have more info, but it's been years since I've seen that version, so that really doesn't help here! Dark keyboards, ethereal female vocals, dark forceful basslines, and jagged guitars make this a great record. The band REALLY plays up the religious imagery (look at the song titles... and the band's name), and it seems as if the singer has SOMETHING weighing on her soul that she wants to confess throughout all three songs. The religious motif in the lyrics works well, though. I have no idea if this band recorded anything else. They self-released this 12" recorded/mastered at the Sonic Arts Recording facility, which seems to have recorded a good half of the self-released SF darkwave and minimal synth (Martin Human, Junk 57, and loads of others).

Eyes of God: East of Eden EP
1985, Conceptual Records
A1 East of Eden
B1 Garden of Sin
B2 Sin Twist

Click here to download this record!


Anonymous said...


This band made at least one more record on the same "Conceptual Communications" label (label looks a little different). It came out a year earlier. Here's a scan of it.

I also had the other 12" (multiple copies). They all came with the same silk screened cover that is posted on your blog.

I sold all of these back in '05 and '06. I will look for Mp3 and/or sound clips of the first release.

goutroy said...

Thanks anonymous! I would love to hear their other release!

Anonymous said...

Some good, some bad news. I have not found the MP3s yet, but found more scans. Thankfully, I made more pictures of this 12". It comes with a picture sleeve and a bad info cue sheet.
Please note - this record is signed/used to be owned by "Michael Lewis", a famous San Francisco DJ from the 80's. He did a lot of mixes on the Hot Tracks remix service.

Here's how the picture sleeve of the '85 release looks like. I used to have a copy of this one as well.

I will post the MP3s once/if I find them!


goutroy said...

Aha! Thanks! I've seen that release around and thought it had the same tracks as the one I posted. I see that it's a bit different... I will look for that around SF as well, I know I have seen it SOMEwhere in the past few months...

frankie teardrop said...

good news for both of you guys--- i just found the 12'' on Conceptual Communications here in NYC for a measly buck. will rip and upload it to Systems of Romance over the weekend! I also have mp3s of another 12'', that features remixes of the same three songs... the tracklisting is:

1. garden of sin (seductive mix) 4:25
2. east of eden (extended mix) 7:00
3. sin twist (dub mix) 4:44

are these the same as the versions in this post? if not, i will zip both 12'' records up together!

Anonymous said...

Yah...I saw this band once in San Fran at a club in the early eighties, the beautiful red haired lead singer wore a white wedding dress, they were great. I heard she went solo after that?

frankie teardrop said...

As promised, I've uploaded the remaining Eyes of God 12'' on Systems of Romance:

Enjoy, gentlemen!

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