Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Here is an obscure 7" from a Japanese band called Popsong's Factory. Not much is known about this record. I've seen it mentioned that it was released in 1981, but I have no proof that it actually was (no date anywhere on the record oof sleeves...) Both songs use synths and drum machines. Side A is an electropop song very much in the vein of the early Drinking Electricity singles (except sung in Japanese). Side B is a tripped-out minimal wave song with a simple, repetitive drumbeat, synth noises, dark-sounding sax melodies, and absolute vocoder overload. It takes a few listens to appreciate, but it's such a great art-damaged track that soon becomes endearing.

Here's the info:

Popsong's Factory
198?, Pillbox Records (PX 100000000)
A: My Pops
B: D'Ameja

Click here to download it.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, never heard of this one before! pretty good record I must say. and seems that the release date is indeed 1981...

oldskool said...

This is really interesting. Amazing what you dig out! Thanks, also for your alway reliable descriptions!

Anonymous said...

Dude im very very interested in hearing this is there any possibility of a reup to rapidshare or zshare? great blog ive only just discovered as well!
cheers rus

Anonymous said...

Is it possibile for you to reup this file?
I just found your blog, looks great, thank you.

Ivo said...

I am looking for this already for 25 years. And finally found it.
Thanks a lot.

ThomasKyhn said...

I'd very much like to hear this too!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear this. Any chance you could reupload it?

Ivo said...

Contact me on ivo (dot) peeters (at) gmail (dot) com